Preventing a C-Section

In a city where the rate of Caesarean rate is over 51 percent securing a vaginal birth requires lots of education and maybe a bit of luck. There is no question that C-sections save lives. They are an important option when complications arise and surgery becomes medically necessary. The problem is that definitions of "medically necessary' vary greatly between care providers and often normal physiologic birth is not prioritized. This workshop is designed to provide women with the tools necessary to have an optimal chance a having a vaginal birth in a city with one of the highest c-section rates in the United States.


Congrats, It's An Estate Plan!

Join local Family & Estate Planning attorney Elise Rodriguez for a workshop on how to create a foundation that ensures your children will always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what happens. This will be a friendly and informative discussion on the basics of planning for your family’s future with important topics ranging from how to choose guardians for your children to how to pass on your family wealth including your intangible wealth such as your emotional, spiritual, moral, and parenting values, and how to prepare yourself for baby’s arrival from a future planning perspective.



The U.S. government advises that by age 6, children should have vaccinations against 14 diseases, in at least two dozen separate doses. Vaccinations aren’t mandated–but they are strongly recommended by Federal law. Parents still have options: refusing some shots, delaying others or abstaining entirely. Taught by a pediatrician this workshop will discuss each vaccination in the childhood series providing an explanation of the relative disease, how the vaccine is made, possible side effects, benefits and points to assess a child's at-risk level when considering if the vaccine is necessary.


All About Doulas

A doula is trained birth professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during and after childbirth. Quality labor support is an essential component for achieving a rewarding birth experience with many studies showing that women who feel secure during labor have shorter, easier and less complicated births with little to no medical intervention. Many families have questions: How do I find the right doula for me? What are some of the benefits ? This workshop offers the opportunity to have these questions answered.


The Gathering Place

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10:30am // Vaccinations A-Z
11:30am // Congrats, it's an Estate Plan!
12:30pm // All About Doulas
1:30pm // Cloth Diapering 101
2:30pm // Avoiding a C-Section
3:30pm // Creating a Birth Plan.




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